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Polyurea Elastomer Technology: History, Chemistry & Basic Formulating Techniques

This paper discusses the significant inroads that polyurea elastomer coating / lining technology has shown since the introduction of the technology back in the late 1980’s. Download PDF Document

Polyurea Marketing Description Paper

The prospects of landing a major coating application loomed before the contractor who could meet the requirements of the job. But how could these areas be efficiently coated/repaired in a seven-day-a-week, 10 – 14 hour-a-day, setting without closing some portion of the area use or daily traffic? Download PDF Document

Blister, Pinholing & Bughole Troubleshooting

In coating applications, blistering of the coating system can always present a difficult situation for the integrity of the installation. One can spray a coating system for an extended period of time and never experience a blister. Then, blisters may appear in the very next job or even the next spray period of an existing …

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Cold Wall Effect in Tank Lining Work

Cold Wall Effect is a condition that exists in structures such as tanks, vessels, buildings, and other structures that have coatings / linings applied on areas where their opposite sides have a temperature lower than the face of the side that is being coated / lined. In other words, when there is a thermal gradient …

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Importance of Material Agitation in Drums

When you receive a drum shipment of the polyurea spray elastomer systems, the resin component is packaged in a drum such that there is a center 2” bung in the lid. While many polyurea system suppliers strive to be the best in the business, this center bung is not just for looks or a second …

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Application Log Form for Contractors

Quality Control Daily Report Log for Contractors in MS Word format Download Document